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Cage The Elephant

I don't think it's very nice to walk around my head all night long.
You got me twisted like a bread tie hunny.
I don't think it's fair
Do you?

Sally sells Seashells by the Sea Shore.

She sits reading, slowly flipping the pages of what seems to be one of her many novels. She appears to be alone but that conclusion quickly fades as you notice pairs of things surrounding her on the sand. Two towels, two drinks, two pair of thongs now tossed casually to the side, one wrong side up. She has soft blonde hair that keeps floating in her line of vision, due to the gentle breeze coming off the sea. The girl cutely wiggles her nose as it tickles then she tucks it firmly behind her ear once more.
Then you see her partner. He comes glistening, out of the sea  towards the unsuspecting ,rather dry girl. He reaches her, gives her a maniacal  grin then shakes over her.  The drops of water splash on her dry body sliding down her tanned skin, giving her noticeable chill bumps . The girl giggles and tosses the book aside after an attempt to shake the remaining water off of her literature. "BULL!" she screams obviously surprised but delighted all the same. The man smiles down at her as he reaches for her hand, she takes it and he pulls her onto her feet as she swats the sand from her bottom. "Would you like to go in?" he teases, as he gestures towards the ocean. "No , No I'm definitely okay up here." she responds but secretly you know she would love nothing better.
In one swift movement he takes her up over his back and saunters towards the water taunting her. The girl wiggles her feet and hands laughing, but does not resist. He reaches the water and wades in up to his waist, then he reaches down and splashes her playfully. "okay okay" she yells between fits of giggles "just do it fast" and with that he drops her into the waves below. She surfaces , her hair a mess, mostly covering her face but you can still see a smile peeking through her wet blonde locks. He brushes the hair back, stares into her eyes for a moment then kisses her passionately as if it's the last time he will ever get the opportunity again. The girl wraps her arms around him shivering and they stand there letting the waves crash against them.
The sun is dipping low in the sky casting gold rays across the afternoon beach. Most of the beach goers are packing up their belongings, their pink swollen bodies moving in awkward  motions, as their sun block expired long ago. But the couple still stands in the water, now splashing happily with no intentions of leaving any time soon, because for them the night has just begun.

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